About us



Claudia Konopatska is the General Manager of the company, based in Dubai, UAE.

Over the years, we have developed a highly reliable network of partners and suppliers, ensuring the best results for our clients.

EF Business Agent offers a variety of solutions for setting up and developing your business in the UAE.

Why the UAE?

Our vast collective knowledge of the region gains us our hand-picked talent pool, taking in expertise in their area. 

The UAE offers several incentives for investment and development of an enterprise. Additionally, the local infrastructure, quality of life and multi-ethnic culture is attractive to both employers and employees, hence we attract some of the world’s top talent. 

Vision and Mission

High-quality and exceptional customer service are the core values of our company. We realize the complexity for a start-up and provide the required procedure. Keeping in mind your business venture, we therefore place our services at your disposal at a very competitive price. 


Contact us at info@efbusinessagent.com for more details; our sales team will respond very promptly (within hours).